Use It Or Lose It

So I’m one of those intelligent gals…you know them. The ones who have an opinion on everything and like to express it? Well believe it or not, I’ve been toning it down. Keeping it cute. Allowing lesser opinions to triumph just because there’s this thing that we are taught. Don’t be too clever…How can you be too clever you ask?I don’t know. I guess it means you should let the other side win an argument about half the time or something. Whether they are right or wrong.Well…something happens when you turn forty apparently. Or should I say something happened when I turned forty. I have less and less tolerance for the – shall we say – stupidity, around me. And I just say so. Like right out loud.It’s a good thing I made all my real friends in my twenties because chile…don’t try it now unless you can stand truth telling in it’s rawest form.So I joined this group of ‘literati’ from across Africa. They’re supposed to be foremost poets and novelists and shit. I was expecting that discourse would be exciting, stimulating and perspective changing.Sigh.Instead…. It’s all complaints about women having jobs and wearing make up. And women these days and…Like, why is the world suddenly full of republicans?It’s all in the form of poetry so…Art.Yeah right.So I said fuck it. If people can talk shit then they’re gonna have to contend with the full force of my intellect opposing their sentiments. I’m enjoying myself. I don’t think I’ve ever just given it to anyone a hundred percent, no holds barred. I’m even usually alone on my side of the argument but that’s even better. I don’t have to slow down so anyone else can keep up with me. It makes me wonder though. How else am I holding back. Where else do I need to just let it all out?My writing?My sexual adventurism? God knows I act like I’m practically a virgin. The world is large; there are so many things out there. What am I missing out on because of all this holding back and coloring in the lines?The mind boggles.

Source: Use It Or Lose It


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