Keeping it Real

The outgoing president of the United States of America made a farewell speech a few days ago. In it, he reminded the world that ‘Yes, We Can.’I’ve been trying to live that philosophy even as I am temporarily without work, I am trying to make maximum use of the time in positive and creative ways. I am quite proud of that actually.I’m converting one of my short stories into a graphic novel. I think it’ll make a very interesting and dramatic one, if I can get the artwork right. I’m looking into it. Another thing that Barack Obama said that had me thinking was how we live in a bubble of people who think like we do; act like we do. We avoid other mindsets and opinions and stay ‘in our bubbles.’Being guilty as charged, I decided to look for some white supremacists a.k.a Trump fans to follow…It’s hardly been a week but I gotta tell you, they’re not easy to have on my timeline. First of all the CONSTANT NEGATIVITY is grating. I arranged my timeline so that I don’t have to live in anyone’s negative world view. But here they are. Bringing the whole timeline down. I just might have to unfollow them at this rate.But that’s not the worst part.No.The negativity is bad. But then they start quoting Martin Luther King to justify their negativity…Man. I cannot.It hurts me to my core.And I’m not even American.These are people who would have been cheering at the scene of his assassination, using his words to justify their behavior.It’s a new level of low.I guess they take after their leader; the Nacho Nazi. I’m not one to talk what with ‘Criminal’ heading our government. I’m beginning to think that bubbles just might be a great place to live.

Source: Keeping it Real


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