Writing is a Lonely Gig

Of course I use the word ‘lonely’ here very very loosely simply because there is no other word that comes close to explaining.Let me explain.I started this writing group for writers and aspiring writers in my immediate vicinity. Those blog posts are constantly advising you to ‘get off the internet’ and ‘go speak to actual people.’ So that is what I did. I looked for some people interested in writing by starting up a meet-up group. Then I set up a meet up.One person showed up.My meet-up group has more than a hundred members fyi.Anyway me and this member talked about what we wanted to do to take our writing to the next level.Well of course I have all these ideas. I always have all these ideas. If there was a prize for having ideas I’d win every time. Developing the industry, supporting each other as writers, expanding our reach through synergy…and that was just the beginning of my ideas.Well anyway, we started a whatsapp group and invited some members and got started on getting started.  The thing I forgot about people is…well. My teacher always used to put on my report form that I was an ‘above average’ student. I used to feel really proud of that until I came to understand as an adult, what the ‘average’ person’s intelligence looks like.Sigh.So we have people asking silly questions and acting like a bunch of kids waiting to be told what to do and all I want is to get back on my laptop and write.By myself.Where the company I keep is of my choosing and with my level of intelligence and I can pick and choose how much to interact with them. That’s what I mean by lonely. Just me and my laptop and all the different worlds I can find therein. I hardly have the time to feel ‘lonely’ there’s just so much. But I can’t share it because…see above.It’s a lonely gig because finding people who relate isn’t easy. But it’s not lonely because you’re never really alone. I don’t know how to explain it any better but I’m sure other writers will understand.At least the real ones will.I’m gonna go pull my hair out now.

Source: Writing is a Lonely Gig


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