Accentuating The Positive

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negative energy this week. From my teenage son who somehow discovered passive aggression, sulkiness and deafness this week; to other family stuff. It’s been like a heavy cloud of negativity following me around like an albatross. On top of that, I submitted a milestone to one of my clients and they did not respond within the same day as is their habit. On top of that I spent a significant chunk of change on a remembrance day for my dad. So I’m feeling broke, my client isn’t responding, and I’m also wondering why I haven’t received any invitations to bid for jobs even though I’m a top rated freelancer.  What was blocking me I wondered?I even startled awake at five o’clock in the morning wondering if I’d have enough money for Christmas.It was super stressful.I did manage to go back to sleep though.I was awoken by a phone call from a fellow freelancer and sometimes friend. He wasn’t calling for anything. He didn’t want something from me. He wasn’t finding out how I was because he was feeling guilty for neglecting me or anything. He was just calling.So we talked about nothing in particular. Mostly work related stuff. And we just had a long rambling conversation about not much.And after I hung up, I found that all the feelings of negativity had just…dissipated. I was calm, at peace, feeling like there was hope for the future after all. Just because I spoke to one person who really connected with me. He asked me if I was just getting up at 10am and I said yes. Now usually after that I get scoffing or sneering or snide remarks about how I have such a nice life. All he said was ‘Oh, so you had a late night?’I felt so understood.And then he recommended that I try taking a siesta in the afternoon rather than sleeping late in the morning to combat sleep debt. It’s like you were expecting a slap but you got a hug instead. Coming after all the miscommunication that had happened during the week, it was a balm for the soul.Genuine, positive connection.Is the cure for negativity.Who knew? That was by no means the end so I hope you’re not tired of reading. When I woke up from my afternoon siesta, I found that my client had approved my milestone and I had an invitation to bid for a really lucrative job. I was like wow, this being in a positive space really works huh? Now I gotta get back to work now because I’m suddenly swamped.And my creative juices are flowing. Yay.

Source: Accentuating The Positive


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