Brother Where Art Thou?

That’s what I’d like to know Dean…where were you while Lucifer was tricking your brother into being cellmates with him again? Yes yes, hot girl with powers hypnotised you…still; where were you Dean? You better be all like…


when you find Lucifer.. .

This episode has some of the best one liners of the season and just really some of the most engaging storylines ever. Amara looking for God was just funny in a  ‘you’re really doing it all wrong’ type way. Crowley talking himself out of fucking Sam over right this minute although ‘it’s on the bucket list..

Lucifer giving us the epic bad boy side eye at the start of the episode.

Dean calling God Kanye.

The sheer amount of BLASPHEMY going on. God is going to smite us all if we are not careful.

And then that ending like ‘nooooooooooooooo…..’. and the fact that we have to wait six weeks for the next episode.

So I log on to twitter to share the sheer Oh My God-ness of the episode and that’s when I realise two things;

a. the cool kids are not watching Supernatural – read black twitter- because the tweets are full of unwittiness on an epic level. Nobody even writing about the zingers that were being flung about like confetti. Everything was ‘OMG like, Luci’s back’ interspersed with , ‘Where is Cas?’



b. Supernatural tweeters all think that the fanfic they write is real. So they’re angry with the writers for destroying their fantasies by having Dean kiss a girl. Okay people, please remember that Dean and Sam and the angel whatever his name is, are only gay in your heads. In canon they are all, even the angel, straight. Deal with it.

Finally I would just like to reiterate here that nobody gives a fuck where Cas was. The episode was perfect as is. Maybe the spin off should be about Cas being a socially awkward angel. that way all these Misha fans can GET OFF THE WRITERS’ DICKS and let them produce the show the way they want.




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