I Have Questions…Also Answers


Where does the wifi in the bunker come from?

Is Sam’s Netflix subscription under his real name?

Why is the TV in his room?

Does that mean they cuddle up in there to watch The Walking Dead after a hunt?

What happened to the pool table Dean wanted to get for the bunker?

I get the ‘don’t kill’ policy; but why didn’t Sam exorcise the demons?

How come Sam could see a reaper? Was he that close to death or what was happening?

Also in season 9 they could hear the hellhound. What’s up with that?

Why do Destiel fans FORCE every scenario to fit their wishful thinking?


I’m watching season 10 again until season 11 has enough episodes to get on DVD, and I am realising why Sam is so adamant about ‘saving people’ again. I mean seriously that motherfucker wrought serious havoc in season 10. Let’s look at his death toll; Lester, that chick in the Werther house, CHARLIE, and probably deaths he blames himself for; the hunter Dean killed, the Styne kid; also working with a seriously evil witch, causing the death of Death and having them thrown out of the celestial system forever once they die and let’s go further back – he probably feels the slightest bit guilty for saying those horrible things in Season 9 (YES! I’m still not over it) and propelling Dean to get the mark in the first place.

He wants to atone; he wants to go back to being Sam Winchester, hero. That’s why he’s so adamant about not killing. Not even the demons.




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