Wincesty Anyone?

So many questions in the Thin Lizzie episode, so few answers.

For one thing; has anyone else noticed how so much happier Sam is this season. Its like fuck yeah I brought the darkness but then upside, got my brother back – yay. dances a jig. I mean seriously, he’s smiling, he’s flirting, he’s having random sex, he’s being all fangirly over Lizzie Borden…just…Sam.

Loved the insights into what being soulless is like. I could see Dean thinking, “Oh so that’s what was going on in Sam’s head” the entire time that Len was talking.

Nancy Won must have been reading fanfics all hiatus because chile…

  • they asked to stay in the couple’s room and then were surprised that it had a double bed. Er…
  • Did Dean get another room?

When Jensen said the brothers were back to being brothers though; he weren’t lying. There was a lot of solid brothering going on in that episode too.

Love that Sam is badass again! The way he got himself out of the ropes while Dean distracted the soulless girl. Very cool. More, More, More!

I’ve never seen The Wire, is it any good?

p.s. now that Cas has taken over his room, WHERE IS SAM SLEEPING?????


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