Okay first of all, somebody…anybody…tell me you were as freaked out about Sam having sex in the back seat of the Impala with some Random! named Piper!! Like seriously I can’t be the only one running around like a headless chicken screaming Wrong!wrong!wrong! I mean it was like catching my son having sex. I don’t know why, no I know why this time was different from others. For one thing maybe I was distracted by the shirtlessness on display the other times except that one time with Ruby which was also just ick. For another I’ve gotten so used to Sam Winchester not sleeping with anyone without buildup. He gets to know her first. He knows her name.

what is up with Sam and the flirting of a sudden?

sidenote: that should have been a clue right there that Sam was hiding something; the fact that he ‘pretended not to know ‘ruby’s’ name’ at the hotel.

Where was I? Oh, Ick. Seriously. No. Nope. Sorry. I am unable to can with that.

And then Dean said “Mistakes were made”….

and fan fiction writers erupted in joy! that can be (mis)interpreted in so many ways. Let me count them. But no, I think I already read that fanfic; where Dean was having sex in the front of the Impala while watching his brother have sex in the back…

Mistakes of course could also mean sucking dick in the men’s room…Robbie Thompson is an active encourager of fanfic writing plus he is such a fangirl for Dean/Jensen I would not be surprised if that was deliberate. I’m thinking though, lights at the roadhouse went off just as Dean left so maybe he was doing it on the pool table with the bartender. Hey…

Are we supposed to remember who Heather was? because I don’t think there’s been another wendigo hunt televised since season one. And what is up with Dean striking out with the ladies these days? Last week it was the blonde he passed and this week it’s Heather not texting him back….is he losing his touch or….dum dum dum…is the Darkness cock blocking?

I mean Sam was asking him if he ever wished to be in a relaysh which kinda might be a set up for Dean to get into a relaysh. and since the Darkness is already calling dibs….

Still squicked out at Sam having sex and buttoning his shirt in the front seat like…and then trying to explain it away to Dean…

And did they call Bob Seger about that song coz chile…

sidenote; apparently I need to get the entire Bob Seger musicography or whatever they call it. He has some good songs! who knew? He’s not on iTunes though. This is awkward.

Brother bonding at its finest; you actually got to see why they keep throwing the rest of us to the wolves to keep each other. When you think about it, in ten years of existing, they haven’t really shown brother interactions that don’t pertain to a ‘case’ or Sam lying to Dean about something or Dean looking after Sam after Sam got himself in a spot of bother…

I was peering over the window of the Impala trying to catch a glimpse of Dean’s shorts. I mean the guy is such a tease. Why even mention it if we don’t even get a quick peek? Damned Winchesters.

Some of the conversation was a bit clunky for me though. Like the whole bitch/jerk thing…a little bit too much. And calling the Impala home…overly affectionate. I mean we get that Sam is still a bit high with getting his brother back/ surviving the black goo/possibly having visions/him having nothing to hide from Dean but really…no.


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