Overarching Themes

That’s a very pompous title just to enable me to say that I’ve noticed something new that I need to point out to other people.

First of all; Sam. He’s always the one who knows exactly what to say or whatever; relate to people emotionally. But now I’ve realised its all fake because when its real, he’s just as inarticulate as Dean. Well, okay slightly less inarticulate. When Bobby Singer was dying in the hospital and he woke up; all Sam could do was grip his hand and stammer out thanks. It really was brought home to me because of the contrast between soulless and resouled Sam and how they speak to people…and then there was Bobby and expressing a sincere emotion with him. Its like he’s just really good at imitating ‘polite’, ’empathetic’ and ‘concerned’. But really, he’s just as messed up as Dean. Jess never really saw the real Sam at all, did she?

Also, I only just noticed the parallel themes between Benny Lafitte’s maker and John Winchester. Both a force unto themselves; keeping their families separate from the rest of society; getting really upset if a family member wants to leave…except in John’s case, he didn’t kill his son when he decided to leave. Was it meant as a sort of comparison so we can see that John wasn’t ‘that bad’? Or was it just like chronicling Dean’s different reactions to John as compared to other ‘fathers’ who abuse their ‘offspring’? God Supernatural has so many nuances, is it even possible to get them all?


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