Season Eleven

Oh my motherfucking Gawd I am fangirling so hard at this season its not even funny. first of all episode one; did anyone else think that it was like The Walking Supernatural Dead in there? One of those kids on the farm that Castiel was hiding at; isn’t that the son in walking dead? furthermore who else found it extremely amusing that his father and brother just went running and shooting after Castiel without even checking on him and whether he was still alive? Like they both just ran past the barn – gotta get the intruder first; fuck that shit…it was funny.


Episode one was kinda confusing and hilarious for me at the same time. For one thing, The Darkness having those conversations with Dean; are they in love? Do they feel a bond over the mark? Are they drawn to each other because of it? So many questions. And Sam, first of all; he learned something about Impala engines apparently; how to switch off the horn from under the hood. Yay for him. Also much better hair this season. I wasn’t exactly following when he made that speech about when did it stop being about saving other people because…huh? I thought we were still doing that. Or did he mean because of the whole mark thing and saying fuck the consequences, I’m getting my brother back? That’s not ‘we’ Sammy, just you. I’m glad he was able to save some people in episode two. He looked much happier after.


Also Sam fucking Winchester is back. I’d missed him. He kind of disappeared after season 4. I think the drop in his self esteem took his initiative away. He just was like going along with whatever Dean’s doing, letting Dean come up with the plan…but now he had a plan of his own, and it worked and he was awesome so yay! Our boy is growing up. And just in time too since Dean got another baby.


Have truer words been spoken than Crowley  telling Dean that he’s very maternal? I mean seriously, has there ever been a more badass motherfucker who is also just the most nurturing human being on the planet? And there is no other actor on earth who can play that better than Jensen Ackles. Its a gift people…or Jensen Ackles is a gift; not sure which.


And that baby…wow; never has a thing so small and cute inspired so much fear. Spooky much? I loved it. I just loved everything about that episode. Everything rocked. Wednesdays need to come after every two days because really who needs the rest of the week?


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