New Old Facts

Been watching  Supernatural again from season one with new eyes. Seen things I hadn’t noticed before. Like for example when people are mentioning violent chicks Sam has been interested in, how come nobody ever mentions Bela?

resting bitch face

Also, “Losechesters”, is not a term that Jared coined. Its in that episode where they go back to Truman high. Dirk the jerk actually called him that before Sam kicked his ass.

tall boys

I’m coming to terms with Ruby. She was just being who she is; we can’t really hate on her for that. Okay we can but I get it now. How she manipulated Sam in a succession of events designed to gauge his level of power plus build trust. Killing Allister was the practise for killing Lilith. And Lilith coming to confront him was her way of finding out if he was strong enough to kill her and also give him more motivation to get stronger, drink more blood, get where he needed to be. Sam really thought that it rested on his shoulders; and he didn’t want to be alone. He didn’t want demons to take over the world poor thing. He was just trying to do the right thing. I really understood that; finally. And feel his devastation when it all turned on him even more.


I also wonder why, when people are writing weechester fic, the fact that Sam used to like magic when he was 13 doesn’t ever feature. He had a wand for gosh sakes. I mean, this thirteen year old boy who was basically living with two guys in a war zone was able to escape enough not only to still believe in the tooth fairy or was it the easter bunny until he was eleven…and a half, but also to dabble in fake magic when he was thirteen. It indicates that Sam was really sheltered and allowed to indulge in childish things for much longer than we or I imagined. Really makes you appreciate both Dean and John but especially Dean a lot more. He really did a good job of giving Sam as much of a childhood as he could. Was probably glad that Sam got to go to college if only for TWO years. That’s another thing I got: Sam was in school for only two years and not four the way everyone assumes. It says so in like episode three. He was probably the only one who knew that that separation was not forever. All he had to do was go and say, “I need you”, and Sam was like…”Fine”.  He was the one who  could see that Sam’s running away was just self deluded indulgence.

Still watching…excuse me.


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