Happy Burfday to Supernatural

I’ve been MIA for a minute. August has been the month from hell. I say good riddance and hopefully we never see another one like it. But never mind sadness and grief; this is a birthday, and a very significant one so let’s do that.


I began watching season one today again because spnnewsletter rec’d the very first fics that were written when Supernatural first aired on 13th September 2005. And wow. I gotta say y’all fan fic guys started really strong. If you haven’t read ‘Reunion’ you should. If only for the historical significance.


Well anyway, I’m watching the first episode and marvelling again at the genius that was that pilot. #SPOILER ALERT. When it starts off, you’re thinking oh, some family drama about some middle america family. Ooops. chick got burned on the ceiling. Then we jump to Jess; or college barbie. I read the original script from the pilot that never was where there was an aunt and an uncle and John Winchester did not bring up his sons. the way that Jess is described is probably one of the only things that were retained from that script. Its like Sam chose her because she ticked all the boxes of what ‘normality’ looked like. Plus she was very similar looking to his own mother. Not saying he didn’t love her. Just saying the reasons he might have loved her might have been a bit suspect. (same with Sam and Amelia, Sam and Ruby); only Sam and Madison seemed to be more of just organic attraction. Anyway, I digress.


Well anyway, we get to know that Sam is bright and he doesn’t get along with family. You get a certain red neck vibe. Then Dean comes in and they have that kung fu session in the living room. and the more I think about it, the more I think that if the show was on HBO, that scene might have been slightly different. Less Bruce Lee, more Brokeback. This is borne out by the script that never was because of the way Sam is portrayed as viewing Dean.


So then we’re given some background on what happened between then and now and oh yeah, different story than expected….like it keeps thwarting your expectations. you’re expecting it to go one way, it takes a detour somewhere else. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve watched all ten seasons…I still see something new every time. And it still rocks; every time. So inspiring to me as a writer.

drawing of Sam and Dean

I’ve just read an opinion of the pilot from tv guide, decrying the lack of female characters who stay alive in the pilot. As in Mary’s dead, Jess died and Constance is a ghost. Now I am just wondering what the hell they wanted. Did they need Sam and Dean to have a sister maybe? I mean there are only so many characters and the deaths of these two women are pertinent to the story. Sometimes “feminists” can be so tiresome.


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