I was watching Beauty and the Beast Season three yesterday and getting increasingly frustrated with the weakness of the plot. After every season, I let this series fall by the wayside because it doesn’t live up to its potential. Then I forget how bad the plot is and go back to see what happened next; and its always worse than I thought it would be. I never could put a finger on why before but now I know. Its the fact that they do a lot of telling and not enough showing. They tell you what the characters are supposed to be feeling and thinking instead of showing you.

It really made me appreciate the expertise with which nuancing is used in Supernatural. The wealth of emotion and communication in just a look. The sheer creative artistic genius that goes into telling a story without using too many words. Letting the audience deduce for themselves what is going on. Beauty and the Beast has a destiny arc in which the two are apparently destined. It sounds like a load of crap and there is just no way you can buy into it. Its too forced. Especially after watching the whole Team Free Will story arc in Supernatural and SEEING how they seem to have this destiny in which one brother is supposed to destroy the other; and they keep rejecting it, defying it, turning against it. But that’s what you see and nobody has to explain it to you because its obvious.

It just goes to show that there is a lot more that goes into making a show great than some good looking actors with chemistry. I feel like with better writers and artistic directors Beauty and the Beast could truly be great. Right now, it just makes me appreciate the greatness that is Supernatural even more.


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