Teen Wolf in a Foreign Language

This season on Teen wolf (season 5) I’ve just been floating in a sea of confusion. Its like being inside Sam’s head when the wall broke.

You’re not sure what’s real and what’s not. Are we all seeing Lucifer or is it just me? or in this case; are those guys in masks existing outside of…you know you don’t even know because obviously they’re probing these people or else there is a mass hallucination happening that causes actual physical changes. Like Samifer, there isn’t even a change in the camera filter so you can tell that ‘oh, this part is happening solely in this person’s head’ and ‘this part is actually happening to everybody in real life and if they catch you they can stick with their super long super sharp dagger/spike/needle things.

And then the guy with the third eye was inexplicably now the psychiatrist in the clinic.

It really gives me a lot more sympathy for people with hallucinations because that shit is confusing. This post is confusing.


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