Plot Twist Pilot

So I’m watching the pilot…again; yes I know its an obsession but every time I rewatch there is something new to see. That’s the mark of a good story. Anyway, so this time it hit me what a roller coaster the pilot is; compared to any other pilot of any other series ever made. It begins with a supernormal family bedtime scene. Everyone loves everyone and kisses them goodnight. You can see that even then, Dean was John’s favourite; and Dean was already hero worshipping his dad.


So tiny and loving and innocent. No sign of the cold blooded killer he would become.

And Sam, like the cutest baby you ever did see.

And then, just when you thought you were watching ‘American Apple Pie central’ oops…what? Mother burning on the ceiling, children are turned into orphans, four year old carrying baby out of the house; for all you know both parents are burning up in the house; then John is there, picking them both up. Suddenly they’re homeless, sitting on the only home they’ll ever know. The car Dean picked in 1972.

Then just as you’re suitably traumatised; you’re back to “Applie Pie” in Stanford, celebrating halloween, tiny nurse costumes on blondes; giving the impression that we left all that horror behind loong long ago; look how normal we grow up. We went to school and what not; passing exams, going to law school…everything is awesome.

But wait what? What is this fighting going on in the dead of the night? Is Sam a law student or a ninja? And heyyy, Dean? is that Dean? wow he’s cute. and a cat burglar; and obnoxious. Obviously there is more to this story than…

they were so cute.

Wait so…

And then they’re working a case and you’re given glimpses of all these wounds that haven’t healed but also of how much they care for each other and the complicatedness of their various relationships. Its like so much packed into 45 minutes; expertly woven to tell a story and lay a foundation.

No chick flick moments though right?

Its interesting that the case they were on was about a mother who drowned her two kids; and then killed herself. Could it be said that Mary Winchester ‘drowned’ her kids inadvertently, because of a broken heart? Is it foreshadowing? wrencollins could vivisect that better than I could so I’ll leave it to her.

I do notice that the first episodes were all about children who lose their parents. And the consequences of that…


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