Carry On My Wayward Son

So I’ve just finished singing along to ‘Carry on my wayward son’ as renditioned in fan fiction…now one thing I must make clear is that I ABHOR (said in an extremely WASP accent) musicals. They make me want to stab myself in the throat. But fanfiction has me singing and swaying along like I eat musicals for breakfast. Beside the point.
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Everyone in Fan Fiction is a girl except the guys and chuck and I was thinking that if it was an ode to fans, are they trying to say that every Supernatural fan is a chick? I mean it seems likely right? We are all in love with Sam and/or Dean but that’s not why we watch…okay not wholly why we watch. The story; its the story that drags you along with it; you just have to know what happened next because well…reasons.

But I guess it is the girls who have the tumblr pages, the fan fictions, the think pieces…maybe they/we are the ones who are OBSESSED and that’s why all the characters were girls. Fan girls be keeping the dream alive…long live fangirls!
Or is it that the boys are simply underground with the watching and obsessing? They don’t write stuff because hey let’s face it, guys are rarely good at logically arranging their thoughts in sequence in a way that’s understandable to others. I know because I’ve tried to listen to my son tell a story.

Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m sooo glad it happened this way because now there is a new season to look forward to with the same consistency yet newness to keep us hooked. I say this with extra feeling because the new season of Teenwolf just began; Tyler Hoechlin is MIA, I don’t get what’s going on, everyone is acting weird…I just feel really discombobulated right now…



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