Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen And His Husband Make Ebony Magazine’s List Of America’s 10 Coolest Families!

I love the lack of prevarication, lies and hypocrisy in their lives.

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No matter what you think or if you like it or not the definition of family is changing. Just last week the United States Supreme Court heard a case and will decide if same-sex marriages will become legal. Currently there are only nine states where same-sex marriages are legal, but that did not stop Clay and Rashad from making Ebony Magazine’s List of The Ten Coolest Families in America! Congratulations the First Family of The Vision Church of Atlanta on making the list. Read the great article below:

Eleven-weeks old Caylee LaTanya Burgess-Allen coos as her father holds her. “Little missy doesn’t care that I have an interview to do. You gotta work with me a minute,” Oliver says, laughing. It’s clear that he loves every minute of his new station in life: fatherhood. The Burgess-Allens have no specific examples or true design on which to base their family construct…

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