10 Times Wincest Was Pretty Overt in Season 10

1. When Dean ran off with someone else and Sam wouldn’t let him go;

2. When Sam dragged Dean back and cured him and then said he was going to feed him cholesterol.

3. When Dean asked Cas if Sam wanted a divorce.

4. When they had ‘we’ time.

5. The entire “Fan Fiction” episode especially getting the amulet back and hanging it in the car.

6. Sam telling that WASP that he and his brother like each other and sounding so pleased that ‘Its just the two of us so…’

7. Sam telling Dean that he pulled a ‘Dean Winchester’ and how Sam wanted him back from being a fourteen year old boy.

8. The Hug after Dean killed Cain…

9. Dean asking Sam where he’s going off to by himself because ‘they don’t actually do things separately’; Sam telling Dean he can you know come with to watch the fake movie he’s not actually going to see because hey, being apart for one night is hard; Dean contemplating calling Sam from the bar like he has separation anxiety…

10. Dean choosing Sam over the rest of the world.


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