Harvelle vs. Winchester

So apparently Supernatural has this thing where it uses other people’s storylines as a commentary on the Winchesters’ storyline, either to emphasise something or to point out how reality varies or just to act as a substitute for the boys because there are just some things the boys won’t say/do which ‘normal people’ would (Ghostfacers anyone?).

So it struck me, watching the episode in which Jo and her mother are fighting because she wants to hunt…And its like the Winchester relationship with their parents; or rather Sam’s relationship with his father vis a vis Jo’s relationship with her mother. Ellen wants Jo to go to college and ‘be normal’. Jo complains that she’s the weird kid with the knife collection. Sam wanted to go to college and ‘be normal’, while John worried that he would be the weird kid without any protection. Jo is fighting with her mother and eventually her mother says, “If you want to hunt fine, but you can’t do it here”. John said, “If you go to college, then don’t you come back.” Both parents are coming from a place of fear; they’ve lost their spouses to the life and they just want to protect their children the best way they know how. But their children have minds of their own and want to do the exact opposite of what is expected of them. I guess we are to ask ourselves; which parent did right? Or else, last borns and only children are snot nosed spoilt brats who don’t listen. Or else, whatever you choose, you still end up dead/killing somebody…Or maybe, there are no right choices and people should just do whatever they want; they will anyway…

tall boys

p.s. another similarity, both kids are in love with Dean #kiddingnotkidding


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