Full Circle

So I like to go back and watch from the beginning every time I reach an end to Supernatural and of of course I always notice something new. They always seem to have an echo of events and this time the echo I noticed was the willingness to throw their life away. In season one, it was Sam who was all gung ho about throwing his life away for the cause and Dean who said no, its not worth it; if it means throwing your life away, I hope we never find it. But then in season eight, its Sam who sees the light at the end of the tunnel and Dean who is like, no there is no hope; this all ends in my death and destruction so stand back and let me die. in both cases of course, the other brother stops them and says please, don’t leave me. And that’s the plea which always works. so fuck the world, fuck humanity, fuck consequences; “I won’t leave you alone.”


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