Karma, She is a Bitch

So remember how I keep telling you not to mess with Karma? Okay maybe I haven’t told you but just be knowing…

Remember when Sam broke all our hearts by telling Dean, “No. Same circumstances I absolutely wouldn’t save you.” and then he proceeded not to apologize for it or take it back? Well Karma heard him like…loud and clear and said okay den bitch, you asked for it? you got it. So what does it do? It creates THE EXACT SAME CIRCUMSTANCES and dares Sam not to try to save his brother. there is Death, come to get the party started, there is Dean saying ‘hey bro, so long and thanks for all the fish. I’m ready to be out.’

And what does Sam say? Why the very same words that Dean said to him; ‘You don’t have to go. We can find another way.’

and clearly Dean is still hurt by that jab in season 9; it still rankles even if he knows its not the truth – that Sam was just being the vindictive bastard that he can be because he knows that its fairly without consequences. Its not like his brother would ever leave him…right? – because he says, “Its funny you should say that.” and we all said it with him didn’t we.

Of course Sam ignores it; pretends he doesn’t know why the hell Dean would say that…moves on to the persuading him to stay portion of the evening.

The thing I like about the conclusion of season 10 is that at last they have come full circle. No more frontin’, no more pretendin’. Everyone knows why they’re here. The relationship is equal in a way that it has never been before. All the pretenses about this isn’t my life have been dropped. Sam has acknowledged that he needs Dean just as much as Dean needs Sam. He’s not here to just finish this last important case or whatever the excuse of the week is.

Which makes season 11 a whole other playground. I hope the fact that Sam has been lying his ass off to Dean for almost the whole of season 10 doesn’t derail that too badly.


One response to “Karma, She is a Bitch

  1. This is awesome. My thoughts exactly. I sympathised with Sam in S9 and I love that the writers really went there with the destruction of the relationship, but it was so great to see him all screw-the-world-I-must-save-Dean in S10.


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