The Nature of Love

You have to watch each episode of Supernatural like more than five times to get all the nuances. I”m sure I still miss some but here’s one I picked up on on My Brother’s Keeper. the nature of love and how its expressed depending on…what? relationship? personality?

Now both Rowena and Dean-with-the-mark are presented with the same choice. Kill your loved one and get what you need. Rowena gets to go free and keep the spell book; Dean gets to not hurt anyone else ever. So their stories are kind of presented in parallel. Sam walks into the abandoned witch bar, Oscar walks into the abandoned cellar thing. Rowena is moved to tears to see him. Dean is dry eyed and resigned. Rowena is full of reassurances and soft words. Dean is full of big brother ‘do as I says!’ the moment of truth comes though and…

rowena oscar

ink pen in the throat; bleed that kid out; get what she needs. In Dean’s case though;


he says forgive me; he looks his brother in the eye and tells him to close his eyes. He’s gonna do it…or not.

So Rowena holds on to Oscar’s hand tight, reassures him and then kills him. Dean holds Sam’s hand as he helps him up and asks him if he’s alright.

There is a story here about how love works. Difficult to put into words. Very inspiring though.

Still though, the number of times Dean has proved that he can’t kill Sam…I just don’t understand why people keep trying to make him do it. It never ends well.


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