Things Dean Winchester Does Not Know About

He doesn’t know that Metatron is free.

He doesn’t know that a) Rowena did the spell to free him.

b) Rowena has the book of the damned.

He doesn’t know that Sam tried to Kill Crowley.

He doesn’t know that Cas, Sam and Bobby broke Metatron out of heaven jail.winchesters___laundry_day_by_petite_madame

In short, he thinks they only have the darkness to deal with next season. he doesn’t know all the villains are out and roaming the world!

they may not have time for ‘monster of the week’ next season.


7 responses to “Things Dean Winchester Does Not Know About

    • Yes that’s true! No one but Cas knows that Metatron is out in the world…but no, I think he told Sam before Charlie and Dean came back. Either way, I really hope they show that conversation when Sam has to tell him that there are several types of shit that will hit the fan and not just one.


      • God, I know. Metatron, Rowena, I’m guessing Crowley’s nasty side’s going to emerge, the angels have got to be pissed about the whole Surly Bobbys debacle, so they’ll probably be baying for Cas’s blood again…
        Moments like this kind of make me realise: the show may be flawed, but it’s done a pretty amazing job at building up a world.


      • I got through nine and a half seasons in under two months. I’ve only been watching since February and I’m already writing essays about parallels between Swan Song, Sacrifice and Brother’s Keeper. Geekdom. God.


      • I gotta read some of that. I started watching from season one some time I don’t know between season 9 and ten. I mean I knew it existed and I always intended to get into it. then when I saw it was going into a record breaking season ten it was like now or never…the resulting obsession…

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      • Absolutely get what you mean. I think possibly my favourite thing about the show is that it is STILL knocking it out of the park after a decade. It’s pretty consistent all in all.


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