Of Unintentional Spin Offs

If ever there was an heir apparent to Supernatural, its Teenwolf. They approach it from different angles true; In Supernatural they fight the Supernatural while in Teenwolf they are the Supernatural. other than that though, you have some excellently researched lore that makes the creatures they deal with extremely realistic; you have two guys who would die for each other. Dylan O’Brien is obviously Jared Padalecki’s heir in that he can play extremely good going extremely bad in like the blink of an eye and then back again. and Tyler Posey has all the leadership and charisma and growth of Jensen Ackles. Both series deal with the complicatedness of ‘good’ vs. ‘evil’ and how its all grey outchea…black and white is a theoretical concept that does not manifest in nature. everyone has a bit of both.
Another similarity is the offscreen friendships that are as real as the onscreen ones which adds an element of realness to both these AUs and makes them that much more enjoyable to watch.


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