Of Stories and Storytellers

I’m catching up on Arrow and marvelling at the difference between my emotional state watching this and watching Supernatural…and also the Originals. Watching Niklaus being the anti hero in the Originals is simply enjoyable. I have full faith that he has something up his sleeve at all times and that he’s up to no good. He’s totally evil and I suppose we should all totally hate him but that smirk of his…who can hate that smirk? For the Arrow though, its a different story; the stakes in the finale are so high and shit; but I can’t bring myself either to be afraid for the ‘heros’ even as they’re in great danger or be convinced of Oliver’s duplicity. I mean, the acting is great and all, but you just know that some happy ending will be found and no-one’s in danger of death. contrast that with Dean Winchester with his hand on the Grim Reaper’s scythe. I honestly in that moment did not know if he was going to kill his brother or not. I was already in the first stage of grief – denial…Its really weird and I don’t know what the difference is; maybe its because of how long running Supernatural is or the fact that nobody is safe and everybody dies including Sam and Dean. That universe I guess is so realistic even the haters who complain about the show don’t do so about the writing or the acting its just usually, this guy is a dick, or that guy is treated badly (mostly Castiel – his fans are so weird) or why did they do this to so and so…its like a reality show from an alternate universe in which all the characters are real and all that shit is really happening. What’s their secret I wonder? Maybe its the genre. I also find that Teenwolf gives me the same emotion. Fear for the characters, acting like they’re real…but even for Teenwolf there is an element of credulity; of knowing that a solution will be found that just isn’t there with Supernatural. shit is crazy.


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