Bow Down

Watching that episode like…

diddy dancing

First of all, they started off with that sung version of carry on my wayward son which just made me so scared because I thought for sure it would be a massacre if they were starting with that song…who knew it was just…let’s not give away the end. However, ominous emotional evoking beginning.

dean fhohfewoirufewofnsfhjhghog

Then lets talk about the dialogue. Every word just needs to be applauded, caressed and nurtured, treated with tender loving care. Not just the dialogue but the accompanying expressions. A+ games were brought all round, from Cas and Crowley at the crossroads, to Rowena in the warehouse…even Oscar was just like…he made us like him last week and now he’s dead. Bye Felicia…

eric kripke

But Sam and Dean. Maaayyynne…I need to genuflect. Like why don’t they have Oscars? What’s the hold up? Seriously that episode was like a feature film. Written by…I don’t know, who writes really great dialogue? The writer of that episode that’s who.


I thought it was a trick when Sam shouted “enough!”, I seriously expected him to pull a syringe out of somewhere or some magic trick that would shazam Dean outta there. He did us one better though. He capitulated. Then he gave Dean the puppy dog eyes. Then he showed him a picture of his mother. Then he showed him a picture of his mother and Sam and Dean. Yeah…like Dean was going to decapitate Sam after that…he was basically being reminded that you’re the only mother I’ve ever known, what would mother say if she knew you beheaded your brother and the ever present echo of daddy saying, “Look after your brother”. Still I think he’d have tried to do it if the Mark itself didn’t stop him. He looked so shocked when he killed death, like, “Oops, I didn’t mean to do tha’

dean crying

Dean killed Death. Like Orlando Jones said, is that a double negative?

I get why Sam said it was as epic as Swan Song; and it was but in a less traumatic more cinematic way. That episode was epic cinema. I really cannot say that enough.



That finale could have acted as the ending of the series if Supernatural hadn’t been renewed for a record breaking 11th season. It was suitably apocalyptic…Sam and Dean rolled back the world and brought back the darkness…

Sam and Dean brought the Darkness back! the one that was there before the earth was formed!

I look forward to the fact that this is a high stakes game all over again. Its the apocalypse but worse. Post Dystopian world be damned, this is…rolling back the world people!

Eric Kripke might be tempted to return by this.

This is huge.


One response to “Bow Down

  1. I believe ‘killed Death’ was an oxymoron. Am in total agreement otherwise. ‘Close your eyes, Sammy’… and I start sobbing. I’ve already done a post about the parallels between this ep and Swan Song and Sacrifice. I genuinely thought Dean would kill Sam. Knowing that he’d come back anyway made that no better. Pain. Much pain.


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