TBH? Sam Winchester hasn’t been delivering his usual Oscar worthy performances this season. I know that for sure because I’ve been binge watching from season one all month. His emotional/non-emotional reactions have not been as convincing as they’ve been in the past. Is Jared burning out? Maybe he feels like he needs to stay because all these people are relying on him for their livelihood. Maybe he realises that for him to bow out would affect so many other people and he doesn’t want to let them down.

He’s been posting on social media about people letting him know how #alwayskeepfighting has helped them at times when he’s supposed to be asleep. Insomnia? He talked about being in Austin on the river or sea or wherever being ‘chicken soup for the soul’. Clinical depression never really disappears. It ebbs and flows…is it flowing right now.

I think ten years is a really long time to play a role. for most of that time he hasn’t really done anything else. Maybe production for season 11 should be delayed until January – give him some time to sleep or eat or play with his boat or do another project. Recharge the batteries completely so he can come back a new man.


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