I Have Questions

Thee most scary thing about that episode is that it was the second last…and everyone almost got killed. I am fearing for my life for the finale. I am literally unable to can…

However…I have questions;

“Who is the prisoner?”

Like I feel that that is an important point that we all need to pay attention to because it holds the answer to something.


“What did Crowley do to take him beyond the pale like that? What is Crowley now that he’s not just ‘a normal demon’?”

Because that eye colour was epic in its evilness and hints at horrific things that have turned the monster into a mega monster. Perhaps at parallel with Lucifer or the angels? What did you do to yourself Crowley?

“How did Cas get his ass royally whooped by Dean?”

Is Cas weakened by having only some of his grace? When his wings spread out that time he got them back, feathers were falling off…Or has Dean become as strong as Cain now? Can he even be saved anymore?

Other Points to Ponder

  • If Sam had just told Crowley what he needed Rowena for he might have availed the ‘leader of the coven’ chick/hamster to read her own bloody grimoire…
  • If they were burning all the books in the bunker then what the hell were they going to take back to Styneshire USA?
  • The nerdy Styne kid seemed to parallel Sam in his younger days; wanting to be ‘normal’, secretly planning to get away from his family by going to LA…and Dean said, “there is bad in your blood, no matter how much you run from it, it’ll always come out”. Hmm, was that in reference to Sam and his demon blood and his demon addictions and his just ability to get himself in trouble? And what does it say that Dean just shot the kid if he could see Sam in him? After ten seasons of always being the one who is perpetually ‘there’ for the others, is Dean finally pulling away.
  • Sam is so out of his depth.

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