The Prisoner

Watching this episode like…
dean fhohfewoirufewofnsfhjhghog
First of all, I’m sorry but Dean as “I’m becoming a Demon Dean in 3,2,1…” is just…sexy as HELL!! (pun not? intended) And I thought that Charlie’s funeral would literally make my heart hurt but the attempts to make it more emotional by including snippets from past hugs actually decreased my emotional reaction to her getting a hunter’s funeral. I do feel however that Castiel and Sam are just being really incompetent and I can’t with them right now.
CROWLEY!!! MAAYYNNNE, he got me with those red eyes; there I was deciding how I wanted to feel about him leaving the show when BOOM. That just happened.
Crowley red eyes
I think we’d all forgot that Crowley is the King o’ Hell…
And then Sam’s reaction to him is like…

Poor Rowena; forever chained in irons. for an over 300 year old she sure does get caught easily all the time. Her accent is to die for though; and Sam better get things done if he wants her to read the book. either that or…Oh I don’t know; find someone who can read her mind? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO DEAN?? I’m scared.

Its funny to me how UPSET Sam gets if Dean lies to him but he’s perpetually lying to Dean…#sigh


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