For Those About to Rock: We Salute You

Castiel will bring Charlie back…right? I mean they’re just not going to leave her to be dead forever; she’s practically their sister…No. I’m pretty sure they’ll find a way to bring her back.
The title of this post is from that episode where Charlie goes to Oz by the way. I thought it was so mega appropriate to the scene especially since I’d just come from watching Vampire Diaries and being tediously bored by their belabouring the point music that tries to force emotional responses where you just ain’t feelin’ it. Anyway, Supernatural’s epic song choices deserves a post of its own so let’s go back to episode 21…
First of all; yeah don’t go visiting strange offices by yourself in the middle of the night no matter how much money they offer you.
Two; the House of Frankenstein? really Robbie Thompson? Still very well done now that OUAT has become simply too cheesy to be believed. at least Supernatural does not stretch the boundaries of disbelief too widely. You could almost imagine it was really true.
Why do people keep trying to fight Dean Winchester? Isn’t there like a memo already or something that let’s people know that a year in purgatory and the Mark of Cain have turned him into The Rock? he simply cannot be beat – no matter how many you are.
that scene where Dean finally confronts Sam about him NOT burning the Book of the Damned is just meme inducing. Like seriously, ‘That moment when you’ve told your dad you did all your holiday homework and then you get sent home from school cause you didn’t…’
“When you told your mom you washed the dishes but then she goes to the kitchen and grease is everywhere’.
sam caught
It was priceless; Dean took his big brotherhood back which he’d ceded to Sam for this whole season.
I think they’ve said “I love you” more in this season than in all of the preceding nine seasons combined. I’m not sure how I feel about that.
Sam is still holding a grudge about the whole going off to hunt vampires with Benny thing. Talk about jealous and possessive.


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