I have to say Kudos (though I hate that word, what does it even mean?) to the writer who coined that phrase because it evoked exactly the way Sam has been looking at Dean all season and also images of Dean as an actual diseased killer puppy who Sam keeps safely in a velvet lined cage filled with dog treats who he occasionally takes out to pet and groom with infinite care and tries to stop him from going all Cujo on the neighbors even though animal control has issued a writ that he needs to be put down. he he he..

And how is it that everything Rowena says in that accent of hers just comes off as a. really naughty b. or really sexy? I mean when she said ‘We’ll just have to tie the bonny lad up”…well lets just say…er, lets not say where my mind went. then she booped Dean on the nose…I mean…can I get a amen?

I love how Rowena was trying to explain to Sam in detail why she has come to the point where she needs her son to be dead and he’s like, “hey lady whatever. consider him offed just do the spell.” THE FEELS!

the most epic episode in the history of epic.


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