Book of the Damned/Represent

Jared and Jensen are too cute for me with this ‘Always Keep Fighting’ campaign. Let me leave them. but someone needs to get me that t-shirt. I’ll still be broke in 12 days!

Now about this episode…

where to start?

first of all does Sam really think he’s fooling Dean with all these ‘wrong number’ calls and hanging up as soon as he steps in the room? I think Dean grabbed the phone when it rang (Winchester accounting? I don’t get it) because he wanted to see who Sam was doing all the whispering with. He knows for sure that Sam is continuing his ‘free Dean’ campaign behind his back. that’s why he believed that bullshit story about the mime being a cockroach…I mean come on…Sam should be insulted if he thinks Dean believed that shit.

They finally had the ‘So you won’t really let me die in the same circumstances?’ conversation they have needed to have since Dean was stabbed. It was curiously satisfying for me and I’m sure the multitudes that were cut to the quick by what Sam said. all that’s left now is for Sam to apologize to Dean for saying such a mean thing and we can all put it behind us.

I love Sam’s ‘no boundaries when it comes to saving Dean’ thing that he has. I only hope he has plans for offing Rowena once she delivers because if that chick manages to get away with the Book of the Damned…well I guess we’ll know who the big bad is in Season 11.

quick question; since Dean already ‘died’ and its only the mark keeping him alive, what happens when/if its removed? Does Dean die again? Or is it like that death was cancelled? Something Sam might want to think about.

I was a bit squirmy when Sam was saying how he practically ‘can’t live without’ Dean…I mean we all know its true but who expected him to ever come right out and say it? weird. the writers are getting soft.
R.I.P to Amelia not making the greatest hits of Sam’s ‘I tried to run away from home this many times’ tour.


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