Dean Faces

dean's glare faceI don’t think anyone really appreciates Dean Winchester’s ability to read people especially Sam. Not the fan fic writers, not the so-called Superfans and certainly not any review I’ve ever seen. I mean seriously he has this super-knack for sussing out people’s motives, predicting their moves and being aware of what he’s dealing with so much so that he can predict exactly how the monster is going to behave and gird his loins appropriately. I mean seriously its like a very serious gift that nobody appreciates because they’re too taken up with the other more obvious traits that Dean Winchester has like his ability to attract anyone and his goofiness.
Speaking of which, there needs to be an Oscar for named the Dean Winchester Oscar for being able to convey exactly what Dean Winchester is thinking with a single look. The way that he looked at the beginning of season 6 just told you exactly how miserable he’d been in the last year.
sidenote: he told Lisa in season 5 that when he ‘saw himself happy, he was with her and Ben’. Yet he was miserable and he only really came back to life when Sam came back. The Winchesters and their propensity to cheat themselves…same thing with Sam; he told Amelia that he needed to think about them being together and then completely forgot about it until Dean reminded him that he had a girlfriend to go back to…
Back to Dean faces; after he got Sam’s soul back, and he was all smug and satisfied when Sam was back to his caring and sharing ways, it just took one expresssion for you to get that. and then that time in season 9 after Sam knew about Gadreel and he said to the ghostfacers that ‘lies ruin relationships’ and Dean gave him this look like, ‘Really Sam? you went there?’
Its like seriously, someone give this guy an Oscar already.


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