Inside Man

1. First of all, Sam and Dean have a local. that is so settled down I can’t even begin to tell you about the feels. Dean knows the barman’s name. The barman brings Dean’s usual. which means they hang out there. Why is this so thrilling to me? I can imagine them spending the evening there, playing pool and drinking beer and then walking home drunk and disorderly. Its so normal it hurts.

2. Dean and Sam haven’t stopped pranking each other. This episode man. The fun hasn’t completely gone out of their relationship what with all the angsting and problems.

3. We finally got to see Sam’s room! It looks like an office. why does Sam sleep in an office. why was it so hot the way he was sleeping? I don’t even usually find Sam hot but that was hottttt. and then the way he rushed off barefoot to rescue Dean from whatever he was screaming about…whoo hoo. damn. they wear pjs now. That’s how you know how much they’re settled in. remember how they used to sleep in their jeans?

4. Dean screaming for Sam. #thefeels

5. Sam immediately running to Dean. #thefeels

6. Rowena is a like a spoilt two year old brat no?

7. Loved badass Sam saying they’re breaking Metatron out of jail.

8. Bobby Singer is such an enabler. every time Sam is about to do something epically bad, he tells him about how ‘you’re one of the best people I know’. C’mon Bobby now.

9. A single man tear. Sam can do it too.

10. Dean eating cereal…#siiiiiigggghhh

11. Dean and Crowley’s talk in the bar…#teamDewley

12. They were playing ‘The Gambler’ in Bobby’s Singer’s heaven. how sooo apropos. whomever chooses the music for supernatural needs an award.

13. What was that car Sam was driving?and more importantly, why? ain’t no way he got that from the MOL garage.

14. Leverage: live it, love it…I forget. Ha ha. I looooove badass Sam. more please!

booyah! Dean


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