Letting Dean Down

Sam let Dean down from season 4 right through till season 7. every season something happened; okay apart from season 5 but then when Sam chose Ruby in season 4 the consequences bled into season 5 so my argument stands. beginning of season 5 Dean said to him.

“You let me down in ways that I can’t even…” and his face…my heart is still sad thinking about it. I bet Sam ran that phrase through his head over and over again since. So in season 8 when Dean says to him, “Don’t do it, it’ll kill you”, and he says “So?” he was probably still running that through his head. it should have been in the ‘previously on…’ segment. it would have really hit home what Sam was dealing with when he said “So?”

I don’t see how dying was going to help him NOT to let Dean down in the future though seeing as he would have left Dean alone and then he would have HAD to turn to someone else. Not very logical there Sam.

However, now in season 10 I miss ‘fuck up’ Sam and ‘slightly always evil’ Sam. This role reversal ain’t working por me. Now Sam is just like zero personality, trying to be Dean, looking after him, cooking for him, making the decisions; and he’s shite at it. I don’t understand why Dean can’t just get over himself already so Sam can relax and go back to being himself.

As for Dean I don’t get all this giving up that he’s trying to do in season 10. since when does Dean Winchester give up? Dean Winchester don’t know what that means! even when his heart isn’t in it, he still bravados it out. why not this time? and surely there are enough bad guys in the world to gank to keep the Mark satisfied. I don’t see what the problem is.


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