season 4 vs. Season 6 Bobby

So in season 4, Bobby is all annoyed with Dean because he isn’t inclined to forgive his brother for you know, all the blood drinking, running off with Ruby, beating him to a pulp and leaving him on the floor thing. He’s all like, what the fuck? He’s your brother, you have to forgive him…blah blah blah family.

boohoo your feelings hurt princess

And yeah, Dean is mad but he gets past that and forgives Sam for being a dick. Because one thing I’ve come to realise is that Sam has always been a cold-blooded dick and he knows it that’s why he overcompensates with all the sharing and caring. not saying the sharing and caring isn’t real; just that Sam leans heavily on his ability to share and care to camouflage that cold calculating SOB beneath who is all about number one. anyway, point is, Dean gets over it. and Bobby is all like, yes you started the apocalypse but you’re still my boy and you forever will be.

Sam and Dean showdown

Fast forward to Season 6 and Sam tries to kill Bobby. they stuff his soul back in him and Sam doesn’t remember this but he knows something is up because Bobby is sulking. So here I am laughing because its apparently okay for Sam to do anything he wants to everyone else  but let him touch a hair on Bobby’s head and its all over but the shouting. completely different story. no forgiveness here…Iony.

Sam tries to kill Bobby


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