A Supernatural Education

I’m watching the episode where Sam and Dean discover crossroads demons. Apparently Robert Johnson is real and there is actually legend about him making deals at Crossroads. Supernatural stays making me Google things.


6 responses to “A Supernatural Education

    • Me too. I had to go look him up, find out if he really possibly made a crossroads deal, listened to his music (and enjoyed it)…I must say, Supernatural has introduced me to a lot of music I might otherwise not have listened to. (Bob Seger for example; love that song.).

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      • Same. I love the ‘Beautiful Loser’ music cue that starts Season Six. Always makes me cry. I mean, Dean has this perfect girlfriend and kid but all he really wants is Sam back.
        Also, where DO you stand on the Wincest situation?

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      • I loved that song so much I had to go look for it. And Dean’s face when the episode starts. I mean…he’s just staring at the ceiling but its like misery coming off of him in WAVES. I don’t understand why he doesn’t have an Emmy for that. like seriously everybody! whyyyy?
        The Wincest situation? Seriously some days I just wonder if it isn’t true that Jensen and Jared are married in real life. Talk about joined at the hip…when I first heard of it I was like totally ewwwww! But then I read some epic fanfics and I was like hmmm…I see how you would think that would be a good idea. So let’s say I enjoy the good wincest stories, and I see a lot of canonical inferences to the boys’ love being more than just ordinary brothers.

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      • I know! They deserve so many awards. Dean in Season Six was just… painful. And Sam in the first three episodes of Season Ten. He just seemed so ILL.
        That was my initial reaction too, but I read some good fanfiction- I’m not a Destiel person so there wasn’t much other choice- and there is so. Much. Subtext. I don’t ship it per se, but there’s definitely an undertone of it all the way through.


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